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Cover Page: French Fashion Bru, marked "E", Reproduction by Karin Buttigieg
Projects: Elegant Dress for Mme. Yvette - Dressmaker's Dummy for the FFP 9,5" - Maiko-San Bru, Teil 3 - Knitting Corner" Cosy Outfits for Cool Days- Mechanical Movement  "Ring around the Rosie" - Hat Blocks for Small Dolls - An Elegant Travel Bag for für Mme. Margot
Patterns: -for a Travel Bag for Mme. Margot - for the complete Set of Garments for Mme. Yvette - for Socks and Shoes for the Maiko-San Bru
Other: Readers Forum - International Doll Festival Hollingbourne, Kent 2010