I cleaned up the attic (really!) and found a box full of wigs, most of them from the Seeley-mohair wig production of the late 1980s - the "Karin Wigs". They were in the box for about 25 to 30 years. Some of the wigs are quite tousled! They can be wet and/or shampooed, and then styled as desired or left to dry naturally, when the natural curl will emerge. Or you can just leave them tousled for an antique look! The photos of the wigs have a distinct reddish tint and this does not reflect the real color of the wigs - none of the blond wigs have a reddish tint!   All  Karin Wigs have the loose mohair stitched directly to the wig cap, which results in a smooth, fine, non-bulky wig. This method was unique in doll wigs and required very skilled workers. Although many of the wigs are tousled, the mohair is exceptionally beautiful and of superb quality.

Photo top: Mohair in-the-grease and washed. Photo middle: Wig with dyed mohair, natural curl. Photo bottom: Large Bru with "tousled" Karin Wig.

There is only one of each wig!



Wig-01, mohair, 31-32 cm, blond, Karin-Wig


Wig-03, mohair, 27 cm, chestnut brown, Karin Wig,


Wig-04, pate 6 cm diam., Baby-wig, mohair, chestnut brown


Wig-05, 31-32 cm, synthetic hair, auburn, manuf. Haarmeister


Wig-06, 31-32 cm, mohair, pale blond, Karin Wig


Wig-07, mohair, blond, 31-32 cm, Karin Wig,


Wig-08, mohair, blond, 30 cm, cut in cap


Wig-09, mohair, chestnut brown, 25 cm, Karin Wig


Wig-12, synthetic hair, 28-30 cm, Toddler, blond


Wig-14, Mohair, chestnut brown, 27-28 cm,


Wig-16, mohair, 20-21 cm, blond, Karin Wig


Wig-18, human hair, hand knotted, blond, 27-28 cm


Wig-19, synthetic hair, auburn, 23 cm


Wig-20, mohair, blond, 28 cm, Karin Wig


Wig-22, mohair, pale blond, 25-26 cm, Karin Wig


Wig-26, mohair, auburn, 16 cm, "Simon" wig


Wig-28, synthetic hair, 25-26 cm, lt. brown,


Wig-29, mohair, 32-33 cm, chestnut, hand made


Wig-34, synthetic hair, 20-21 cm, pale blond,


Wig-35, mohair, medium blond, 31-32 cm, self-made, used


Wig-42, mohair, blond, 30-31 cm, Karin Wig


Wig 44, human hair, 41 cm, black-brown,


Wig-45, synthetic hair, 25 cm, ash blond


Wig-47, mohair, blond, 30-31 cm, Karin Wig


Wig-49, synthetic hair, dark brown, 25 cm