Many items that I use for the Gildebrief Century Projects are available from the online shop - but not all! Sometimes I might use something that I particularly like for the garment I am creating but do not have enough of to sell. I try to make sure this does not happen very often but most doll makers have accumulated quite a sizeable stash over the years, so you will probably find something you like anyway, or you will discover a suitable substitute in this extensive shop that can be used instead. After all, not everyone makes the garments the same as I do: they are meant as inspiration and the patterns can be made up using different materials and trims.

I hope this series inspires your and gets your creative juices flowing!

GILDEBRIEF CENTURY PROJECT - 1800-1900 Patterns, Historical Information

Fashion of the 19th century, from 1800 to the year 1900, in the context of their social environment of the times. These are projects that are linked to each other and not really  meant to stand singly. Although all sewing processes are clearly shown with numerous photos, not every step will be explained in depth repeatedly in each project. It would bore those who are taking part in this series and would mean a lot of extra work for me. 

Each project also contains an essay on the historical background of the fashion era covered.

I started this series because the development of fashion within the historical background interested me. I did not think anybody else would be interested except for maybe a few people.  who actually asked me to share this series, which I then did. Surprisingly, the interest  has grown steadily.

The upheavals and changes of the 19th century, starting with the French revolution of 1789, had enormous impact on the world then and now,  and we would not live the lives that we lead wtoday ithout the events of the 19th century. The industrial revolution, the revolts and uprisings of the people created the environment for our lives today, economically as well as politically, and since fashion (especially women's fashion) were and are always a mirror of the times, I felt a compelled to delve into this subject and create this series.

Please note that you can, of course, make every single garment in each single issue of the project without the previous ones, but you would be missing the purpose for this series, at the end of which you would have created fashion "en miniature" from 1800-1900 worthy of a museum display.


Patterns for women and also some children will be brought out on a monthly to bi-monthly basis (depending on how much work is involved for each project) and the series is envisaged to be completed by the end of 2020, beginning 2021.

The "Mannequin" (model, doll) is about 43 - 46 cm tall! Measurements are given here below:



The Instructions and photos will be sent per CD. The photos are full-size, so you can see every detail a lot better than with any print. Printed instructions (paper) are not available.


The  CD's do not work with MAC - they are created for the Windows System!


NEXT Project GCP # 8 - what it will be!


My Essentials List for the GCP Projects and more


Measurements of the GCP French fashion mannequin


GCP # 1 - How to make the leather body for your mannequin!


GCP # 2, Dress, slip, bonnet and sock patterns + instructions and historical information, 1800 to about 1805


GCP # 3, Paper Patterns plus CD with instructions 1806-1811


GCP # 4, Paper Patterns plus CD with instructions 1812-1820


GCP # 5, Paper Patterns plus CD with Instructions on CD, ca. 1821 to 1829


GCP # 6, Paper patterns plus CD with instructions on CD, paper patterns, 1830-1836


GCP # 7, Paper Patterns plus CD with instructions, ca. 1837 to 1848


Kit GCP7-1, Kit for Dress-1 - GCP # 7


Kit GCP7-2, Kit for Dress-2 - GCP # 7


Kit GCP7-4, Kit for Dress-4 - GCP # 7


Kit GCP7-6, Kit for Dress-6 - GCP # 7


Kit for GCP7-7, Kit for Dress-7 - GCP # 7


KW-aqua, 1930s silk/Rayon ribbon, per 3 meters


Sew-ons, for GCP # 7, Dress 3


Cable Binders, 4 mm and 2 mm, per 20 pcs.


FICH-1, Machine embroidered panel for Fichu with collar


FICH-2, Machine embroidered panel for Fichu plus lace


Woolly Hugs - Wolle für Projekte GCP#5 und #6, per 10 Meter


Forget-me-not embroidered stockings for "Mireille", Model for GCP Project


Embroidered stockings for "Mireille", model GCP Project


SRrib-01, Seiden/Rayonband, alt, 7 mm breit, 3 m grün, 2 m beige


Pink lace, cotton, 12 cm wide, for the project GCP # 3, per 50 cm