GCP # 8, paper patterns plus CD with instructions

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GCP # 8 - Fashion and accessories 1850s - 1860s and beyond

It is finally finished, the GCP # 8! It has been a long Corona year, a long time developing new ideas, a long time completing the project.

It contains: 2 jackets and skirts - one design; 2 spoon bonnets; 2 morning caps; 2 wreaths (one for the nimble fingered and hawk-eyed); 2 printed-silk parasols , 1 black lace cover over white silk canopy parasol - either with hand-made finials and handles or with a wooden - and - brass handle; 2 front-laced boots; 2 side-button boots, silk satin slippers: all with or without beautifully shaped heels. Also, a cage crinoline and engageantes and a delightful chatelaine purse and sun hat.

There are kits available for most of the items!