GCP # 5, Paper Patterns plus CD with Instructions on CD, ca. 1821 to 1829

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 English language only!


English language only!
This project will delight any fashion enthusiast! Packed with novel information and hundreds of photos, depicting every step of the procedure! Completing these delightful garments will be a breeze with these in-depth instructions!


The Project consists of:

 a)     Underpants, Petticoat, Sleeve Supports

b)     Rose-aqua checked silk dress with padded decorations for a promenade or luncheon.

c)      White silk satin dress with applied floral decoration for the opera or a ball.

d)     Check beige-lilac cotton dress for day wear.

e)     Straw hat for rose-aqua silk dress

f)      Poke bonnet for beige-lilac cotton dress

g)     Poke bonnet for white silk satin dress for the opera

h)     Silk satin slippers, blue and white for the rose-aqua silk dress and the white silk satin dress

i)       Ankle boots from leather for the beige-lilac dress

j)       Instructions for a novel way to make mohair wigs

k)     Instructions for a novel way to beautify silk ribbons

l)       Instructions for a novel way to dye silk ribbons

 All garments are inspired by antique garments, with individual design features added and adjusted to look appropriate on the small mannequin.