Goods on this site are strictly limited, some items only available once. Check it out regularly, new stock is added  regularly. Antique ribbons can have signs of age (like discoloration).

OaE-40, 1930s,, French Rayon velvet ribbon, soft, 9 mm per meter


VtgAnt-11, antique, 1880s, hand made silk on silk, 8 cm diameter


VtgAnt-27, very old cord, 1.2 mm, burgundy, per meter


VtgAnt-26,Vintage, braid, rayon with cotton filler, olive, 5.5 mm, per meter


Gimpe-00, Vintage rayon-wrapped cotton filler cord, 1930s to 1950s, sevral thicknesses and colors, per meter


WireBr-00, 1930s to 1950s, Rayon over very fine wire, several colors, 4.5 mm wide, per meter


VtgAnt-05,Vintage Rayon cord, no filler cord, very soft, 5 meters x 2 mm, deer brown


VtgAnt-12, antique picot-soutache, 1.5 mm wide, old ecru, per meter


VtgAnt-24, very old brooch, small rose, hand carved and colored, 25 mm long x 17 mm wide


VtgAnt-25, vintage rayon embroidery thread from the former DDR (East Germany)


Velvet/Samt, rayon, vintage ,soft tangerine, 26 mm wide, per meter # 3


Cor-2.5, vintage cotton cord, about 2.Alte BW-Kordel, etwas 2.5 mm dick, per MeterProdukt 7270


Vintage cotton,cord, ca. 1.5 mm diam. per 3 meters


Cords, olive + apricot, je 3 Meter (6 Meter)


Gold Cord, 1.2 mm wide, g-01, per 3 meters


GR-01, fine rayon taffeta ribbon, old, navy, 15 mm wide, per 3 meters


GR-02, Rayon taffeta ribbon, old, black, 13 mm wide, per 4 meter


GR-03, rayon ribbon, old, lilac, 13 mm wide, per 3 meter


GR-05, silk/rayon single face satin ribbon, very lightweight, beige, per 3 meter


Kw-15, vintage silk/rayon ribbon, hot pink, 7 mm wide, per 3 meters


Kw-16, vintage silk/rayon ribbon, apricot, 7 mm wide, per 3 meters


KW-aqua, 1930s silk/Rayon ribbon, per 3 meters


Vintage rayon cord, ecru, about 1.5 mm thick, R-01, per Meter


Satin cord, ca. 2.5 mm wide, 10 colors x 3 meters each = 30 meters


Rub-r-s-15, Rayon/silk ribbon, ombré, 6 mm wide, per meter