Upper shoe leather, lamb, red, per 0.3 m²


Upper shoe leather, lamb, navy, per 0.3 m²


Upper shoe leather, lamb, old rose, per 0.3 m²


Upper shoe leather, black, per 0.3 m²


Upper shoe leather, warm brown, per 0.3 m²


BL-55, Doll body leather, warm palest beige (skin tone), lamb skin, per skin


Sole Leather, embossed with Jumeau-Bee-Stamp


Shoe Sole Leather, thin, 42 x 22 cm piece


Dies for Eyelet Machine


Eyelets for dies OU 22/25 - ø 2.2 mm - per 250 pcs


Eyelets for dies OU 30/00 - ø 3.0 mm - per 250 pcs


Rivets M303 for eyelet machine - ø 3.0 mm - per 50 pieces


Rivets M304 for eyelet machine - ø 4.0 mm - per 50 pieces


Safety Beveler (Skiver)


Replacement blades for Skive Eze (5 pcs.)






Leather dye - per 50 ml


Kit-fl-boot-2tone, Kit, front-laced boots, ecru with brown contrast leather


Kit for silk satin shoes(slippers with front strap and rosettes


Kit-fl-boot-red, Kit for front-laced boot, ecru/red stitching


Kit-sb-boot, Kit for side button boots from GCP # 8, per kit