drapey fringing

Fringes have been an important part of the elegant woman's attire as long as 150 or more years ago. They would be used as decoration on parasols, skirts, paletots, drapes and scarves. Even on hats one could find fringes, especially sun hats. Fringes as colorful, drapey, glossy and fine as these here are not made any more nowadays, so I am quite proud to be able to present to you this wonderful range of fringes made from finest rayon (artificial silk, acetate)! All fringes shown here are drapey like a waterfall and you will be thrilled with their feel, colors and quality.These fringes are mostly from the 1940s to the 1970s.

Unfortunately, the range of colors one can depict on the screen leaves a lot to be desired, so be assured I tried my best but the "real thing" is always  a lot better! All are of limited quantity, some very limited.


Shortening the fringes!


How to straighten and shorten the Tassels


FR-050, old fringing, 30 mm, per meter


TL-48, Tassel, vintage, Rayon, per 10 pieces of a kind


TL-049, Tassels, Rayon, vintage, mixed (2 per kind) = 24 pieces


TL-050, Tassels, Rayon, vintage, per 50-piece bundle


FR-046, Fringe, Rayon, vintage, gold-beige, 3.5 cm long, per meter


FR-001, Fringe, golden Tan, Rayon, 7.5 cm long, per meter


FR-002, Fringe, Rayon, golden yellow, 9.5 cm wide, per meter


FR-003, Fringe, Rayon, ash beige, 5.5 cm wide, per meter


FR-004, Fringe, Rayon, tawny brown, 4 cm wide, per meter


FR-005, Fringe, Rayon, curry-brown, , 8 cm wide, per meter


FR-006, Fringe, Rayon, grass-green, 5 cm wide, per meter


FR-007, Fringe, Rayon, scarlet, 3.5 cm wide, per meter


FR-009, Fringe, Rayon, taupe, 3.5 cm wide, per meter


FR-010, Fringe, Rayon, light olive, 5 cm wide, per meter


FR-012, Fringe, Rayon, ash beige/light olive, 4 cm wide, per meter


FR-013, Fringe, Rayon, light taupe, 4.5 cm wide, per meter


FR-014, Fringe, Rayon, beige/tan/brown, 6.5 cm wide, per meter


FR-017, Fringe, Rayon, ecru, 6 cm wide, per meter


FR-018, Fringe, Rayon, irish-green, 6 cm wide, per meter


FR-020, Fringe, Rayon, white, 6 cm wide, per meter


FR-021, Fringe, Rayon, deer brown, 4 cm wide, per meter


FR-022, Fringe, Rayon, dark brown/ecru, 4 cm wide, per meter


FR-023, Fringe, Rayon, buttercup yellow, 6 cm wide, per meter