SILK RIBBONS, natural white


Lovely silk ribbons in natural white, in various widths. These are a firmer and better quality thn the usual soft silk ribbons - a cross between a firm taffeta and the finest possible faille ribbon - both would apply. Very easdy to dye or left in their "pure" state, perfect for bows, rosettes, flounces pleated on the ruffler or just gathered. The wider ribbons can be embroidered on the embroidery machine with BAVARIA or ONOLDIA  100/3 or 70/3 silk thread, using GILPOL 200/2 or 180/2 for a bobbin thread (I used it - the result is stunning - tighten the bobbin tension and loosen the top tension a little, so the bobbin thread is vitually invisible on the reverse side of the design). You can also silk paint the ribbons with lovely designs. The superb ONOLDIA or BAVARIA  20/3, 30/3 and 40/3  silk threads  can be used for hand embroidery.

While you have the dye bath in action, why not add some Chenille silk thread? It is perfect for embroidery in conjunction with the silk thread mentioned above! The yarns are a perfect marriage of textures for embroidery.

Dyeing hint: Use only liquid silk dye paints that contain no powder particles. Not only are they less expensive than the powder dyes, you can also buy them in small bottles and use a pipette to easily portion the quantity (write it down for repeat results). Just follow the dyeing instructions for the silk dye colors. The ribbons are easy to dye successfully!


SILK RIBBONS, natural white, various widths


Silk Ribbon, 15 mm wide, soft


SILK RIBBONS, natural white


Silk ribbon, natural white, 2 mm wide, soft


Silk satin ribbon, double face, natural white