Scissors, 5" (13 cm) long, super sharp, precise cuts


Embroidery scissors, 90 mm, lsightly curved, very sharp right to the tip, made in Austria


Scissors, 19 cm long, cutting edge about 7 cm, per 1 pce.


Scissors, 11.5 cm long, sutting edge about.2.3 cm, per 1 pce.


Scissors, 11.5 cm long, 29 grams, best quality from Solingen


Super-Tacky, Aleenes's Super Thick Tacky Glue, 118 ml,


Fuse-web, fusible interfacing web, 40 cm wide, per meter


SUPER-PICK, Super-Tweezers, extremely fine, curved tweezers, 11.5 cm long


STS-Paper, finest, gossamer specialty paper, 53 cm wide, per 3 meter


Madeira MSA 1100 Temporary adhesive spray, per can


Sewing needles, Sharps, size # 12 (very thin), per 20 pcs


Ultra-thin, self-adhering interfacing, 54.5 cm wide, per 50 cm


Organ Sewing machine needles, System 130/705H per 10 pcs


Sewing machine needles, special purpose,


Tacky Glue, washable, 118 ml


Flexible Steel Stay, 4 mm wide, per 2 meters


Flexible steel stays, 3.8 mm wide, per 10 meter coil with 20 end caps


Cable Binders, 4 mm and 2 mm, per 20 pcs.


Ruffler, short shank


Thread Snips, 11 cm long, per 3 pcs.


Combination metric and imperial tape measure, 152 cm/60", per 2 pcs.


Combination spring-loaded tape measure as key ring, per 1 pce.


Quick-Unpick, 9.5 cm long (without cover) per 2 pcs.


Thread magnifier, (2.5 cm x 1 calibrated), with LED light, per each


Long transparent ruler, 55 cm and 25", 5 cm wide, per pce.