Mohair and accessories for mohair doll wig making



Wefted Mohair - Hair length 15 cm


Roped Mohair - per meter (20 - 25 gr.)


342494 - Hair Wefting Loom including Clamps


Tarlatan, 100% cotton, sized, 120 cm wide, per meter


Mohair bundle, 20 cm long, smooth, per 30 gram bundle


Hair mat, 18 x 16 cm,


Clamp-on holder for small wig head, each


Sewing machine needles, special purpose,


Bone folder, 12.5 cm long x 2 cm wide, bone


PLN-12XL - Beading needle size 12, extra long (7.5 cm), per each


Set for novel way of making wig strips


Crin-tubular, 6.5 mm diam., per meter


Crin-tubular, praline, 2.8 mm diam., per meter


Crin-tubular, golden yellow, 2.2 mm, per meter