These polished gemstone cabochons have a rounded top and a flat underside. They are perfect for the beaded cabochon technique shown in Gildebrief 2/2008. Each cabochon is a little different, since it is a natural product.   The supplies are always limited but new cabochons are added continually.


Agate, Blue Lace


Agate, Green Moss, 40 x 30 mm


Agate, Mexican Crazy Lace


Amazonite, 18 x 13 mm






Carnelian, 30 x 22mm


Chrysophase, Lemon


Garnet, 9 x 7 mm


Goldstone, Brown




Jade, Canadian, 16 x 12 mm


Jasper, Leopardskin


Jasper, Picture Stone, 34 x 16 mm


Jasper, Red, 14 x 10 mm


Lapis Lazuli, Denim (Dyed), 14 x 10 mm


Lapis Lazuli, Color Enhanced


Lapis Lazuli, Natural, 14 x 10 mm


Lapis, Nevada, 16 x 12 mm




Obsidian, Mahogany, 40 x 30 mm


Obsidian, Snowflake, 38 mm




Opalite, 18 x 13 mm


Peridot, 14 x 10 mm