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 - out of print, but available as CD-Rom

Cover page: Antique Figurines reproduced by Karin Buttigieg Worksheets/Projects: -Sedan-Chair with Carriers and elegant Lady -Anatole Thuillier´s Smiling A14T
-Antique Figurines - Boy and Girl with Basket and Blackberries - F11G - elegantly dressed - Huret Lady Doll with Trousseau - Part 2 - The garments IDG-Activities
- Interdoll 2002 Patterns - for the garments of the F11G
- for the Huret lady doll (dress and undergarments) - for the Meissen worktable (The hot tip) Other - Planning Doll Festivities - Fragile Heroes - Porcelain soldiers from the Dresdner Manufaktur - 6. Aral Doll Festival - The Hot Tip