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Cover page: A group of baby dolls found in this issue (and an antique Heubach figurine). Reproductions by Hanni Buchmann, Val Dixon, Helga Kleinhanß, Brigitte Ritsch and Gertrud Wallis.
Worksheets/Projects - Ernst Heubach 320/4 - Worksheet, Completing the Doll - The Walker - A Carry Cushion for your Baby Doll - Bonnet Hilda - Worksheet - Diaper Panties, Blouse, Under Dress, Christening Gown, Carry Cushion Gebr. Heubach 7246 „Pouty" - Worksheet, Shirt, Diaper Panties, Umbilical Wrap, Bonnet, Jacket, Wrist Band, Carry Cushion, Cover JDK-237 - Hilda -Worksheet A Kestner Baby Doll with Layette - Worksheet, The Layette: Combination, Diaper Pants, Blouse, Bonnet, Diaper Panties, Bib Curry Cushion, Christening Bonnet, Under Bodice, Nightgown, Skirt, Diapers, Knitted Ensemble, Leggings, Socks, Wrap, Matinee Jacket, Diapeer Pants, Bottle Warmer IDG-Aktivities -Interdoll 2002 - The Winners Patterns -for Gebr. Heubach 320/4 (Body STB-24) -for Kestner-Hilda (Body SB-28) -for Bonnet Hilda (Body SB-20) -for Heubach Pouty (Body STB-33) -for Kestner Baby (Doll size 12 - 13 cm)