Issue 4/93 - CD Rom

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 - Sorry, out of print, but available now on CD-Rom incl. pattern

Coper Page: S&H 1249 - Reproduction by Meinrad Röösli, K*R 116/A and JDK 237, Reproductionen by Karin Buttigieg Worksheets and Projects -S&H 1249 "SANTA" -Kestner 103 -Bru Jne 14 - Underwear -K*R 116/A "Happy" and JDK 237 "Hilda" -Technical Information -In Depth, Chapter 5, Firing to Maturity, Stage of the Firing Process, Firing the Ware -Paper Maché - Then and Now -Modern Dolls -Practical Hints for Doll Sculptors -The Antique Doll -Kestner's "Hilda" -Jumeau E11J -Other -Hot Tip -Dollmaking Trade - Family Martin -Big Dolls - Big Heart -Corset -Patterns -for Bru Jne 14 - Underwear