Issue 1/97 - CD Rom

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- German Version with English Tranlation Supplement on CD

Cover Page: Sonneberg Boy and Girl, Reproductions by Karin Buttigieg Worksheets & Projects -Sonneberg Boy and Girl -Dancing into Spring, Dresses for Kestner 13 and Kestner Bru -Here comes the Easter Bunny! - S&H 1488 -Sweet Mimi , a delightful Parasol -Two Musicians -4 Mini Cuties -An Ensemble for a French Doll E14J - Part 1 Technical Informations -KB´s Guide for Porcelain Dollmakers, Part 2 -Fr om Grandmother's Days The Antique Doll -Jumeaus, Schmitt & Fils,  Sonnenberg Child, Bru Jne 3, Bru Brévete, F.G.3 Other -Holiday Surprise on the Isle of Römö/Danmark Patterns -for Mimi's parasol -for Ensemble for FB-18"/FGK47)