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Cover Page: Simon & Halbig 949, Reproduktion by Luise Göbel Aasehaug, Norway Worksheets & Projects
- S&H 949 as Mulatto Doll -Hertel Googlies 172-9 und 173-9
-A Gesland Gaultier Beauty - Part 2: The Garmenmts
-Winter Dream - Part 2 - Garments for E14J -A Pincushion Doll as Workroom Companion (Mold S-462ST) -Greeting Cards - Victorian Style -Feather Duster (Mold S-650)
-Seven at One Stroke...plus One! Chapter 6 - Beaded Bag for Maureen -Egg Box with Convent Work Cranford's Corner -Children and Girls of the 1880's Pattern Supplement -for E14J - FGK48 -for Gesland Gaultier Body IDG-Aktivities: -Invitation to Interdoll 2000