Seed beads size 14°


These seed beads are mainly from Japan with some also from the Czech Republic (about 25-30 yrs old). The holes of these tiny beads are quite large and the beads are excellent for knitted and crocheted beaded work, for which our Cordonnet Silk Yarn is eminently suited.

Beads are sized with a anumber followed by a zero. The higher the number, the smaller the bead.

Our 14/0 seed beads are about 1 mm across the hole x about 1.65 mm across the belly. We ship our beads in small polythene bags of 10 grams (0.35 ounces) = about 1500 beads. We have an excellent selection of colors and shades to help you "paint" your artwork!

Use a long beading needle # 12 for loomwork and beading needle # 13 for off-loom work. We recommend the use of Gudebrod thread for the warp and Nymo 0 for the wefting thread.

More information about our contemporary seed beads can be found in Important Beading Information.