B1-74, CO-tulle with CO and Rayon embroidery, 4.5 cm wide x 90 cm


B1-75, CO-Guipure, off-white, 25 mm wide x 2.32 meters


B1-76, CO-beading, off-white, 12 mm wide x 1.55 meters


B1-78, CO-Guipure, ecru, 5 cm wide x 45 cm


B1-79, CO-beading off-white, 12 mm wide, per meter


B1-81, CO-lace, light ecru, 30 mm wide, per meter


Val-beige-010, Val-lace, cotton, vintage,15 mm wide, per meter


Bob-64, bobbin lace, cotton, 8 mm wide, per 4 meters


BB-47, Lace, gallon, CO, 70 mm wide, per meter


BB-50, Lace, CO, 20 mm wide, per meter


Gi-016, Guipure, insertion, white, 125 mm wide (12.5 cm), per meter


Gl-018, Guipure, Co, 20 mm wide, off-white, per meter


Gl-026, Guipure, ecru, Co, 6 mm wide, per meter


Gl-030, Guipure, Co, dark ecru, 12 mm wide, per meter


GUI-48, Guipure, CO, 16 mm wide, per meter


GUI-49, Guipure, CO, white, 27 mm without edge, per meter


GUI-58, Guipure, ecru, 28 mm wide, CO, per meter


Ki-014, lace, CO, pale blue, 20 mm, per meter


Ki-03, Insertion lace, Co, ecru, 33 mm, per meter


KL-39, fine bobbin lace, CO, 15 mm wide, off-white, per meter


KL-45, lace, CO, 25 mm wide, per meter


KL-59, Lace, CO, 15 mm wide, ecru, per meter


Org-41, lace motifs, Organdy/CO per 10 motifs! (ca. 50 cm)


PL-61, Insertion, 32 mm wide, CO, off white, per Meter


Tu-004, tulle lace, CO/Rayon, beige, 75 mm wide