Old, vintage and antique LACES ALLSORTS

CO = Cotton


B1-01, finst antique tulle with hem stitching in a round, 19 cm deep and ca. 2.6 meters round


B1-03, CO-lace, sized, off-white, 55 mm wide, per Meter


B1-05, CO-lace, sized, off-white, 55 mm x 1.85 meters


B1-10, CO- fine tulle motifs (mirrored left and right), each about 10 cm x 5.5 cm


B1-11, CO-tape, navy/off-white, 25 mm x 2.85 meters


B1-14, CO-Val lace, off-white, 10 mm wide, per meter


B1-18, CO-beading, old, light ecru, 15 mm wide, per meter


B1-19, CO-beading, old, ecru, 10 mm wide x 4.30 meters


B1-21, CO- embroidery on batiste, old, light ecru, 32 mm wide x 3.50 meters


B1-23, CO-insertion, black, 15 mm wide, per meter


B1-28, CO-insertion, off-white, 12 mm x 5 meters


B1-27, Rayon soutache + cord


B1-29, CO-Malines, off-white, 25 mm x 2.09 meters


B1-30, CO-Guipure, ecru, 25 mm wide x 1.55 meters


B1-32, Rayon Soutache, ecru + aqua, 1.5 mm, 2 x 2 m


B1-35, CO-beading, off-white, 8 mm wide, per 3 meters


B1-42, CO-Val lace, antique, ecru, 10 mm wide, per meter


B1-43, CO-Val lace, Galon, 35 mm wide x 2.8 meters


B1-47, CO-insertion, aqua, 18 mm wide, per meter


B1-53, CO-beading embroidery, light ecru, old, 15 mm wide x 1.40 meters


B1-60, CO-Galon-Chantilly, off-white, old, 70 mm wide x 3.5 meters


B1-62, CO-Val-tulle insertion, antique, ecru, 20 mm x 5.5 meters


B1-67, CO-beading, off-white, 9 mm wide, per meter


B1-68, CO-inserion, off-white, 22 mm wide x 1.55 metrs


B1-70, CO-beading, off-white, 12 mm wide x 1.55 meters