All laces are made from pure cotton, all are vintage or even older.

AT-006 - Guipure AT-0062,3 cm wide, ecru, per Meter


GUI-005 - Guipure lace, edge, 3 cm wide, white, per meter


GUI-008, Guipure lace, old, 7 cm wide, per meter


GUI-009, Guipure lace, vintage, old, ecru, 12 mm wide with edge (edge 2 mm), per meter


GUI-010, Guipure lace, old 18 mm wide (with edge (edge 2 mm), ecru, per meter


GUI-011, Guipure lace, gallon mit beading , old ecru, 45 mm wide, per meter


Gui-13, Guipure lace strip, old, 80 cm x 4.8 cm, per strip


GUI-905 - Insertion lace, ecru, 32 mm wide, per meter


GUI-906 - Insertion lace, 27 mm wide, per Meter


Bobbin lace, old, cotton, soft, per 3 meter


Mot-02, Motif, ca. 30 cm wide x 21 long (middle), CO/Rayon, vintage, per each


Mot-03, Motif, flesh/black, Rayon on CO. tulle, vintage, ca. 31 x 11cm, per each


Mot-04, Motif, CO, 6 x 6 cm, ecru, tulle, per each


Mot-05, Motif, CO+Rayon, flesh, vintage, per each


Mot-06, Motif, cotton, vintage Swiss, white, 9 x 9 x 12.5 cm, per each


Mot-07, Motif, Swiss embroidery, 4.5 x 4 cm, per each


Mot-08. 2 Motifs, Guipure, Swiss, vintage, white, 3 x 2.5 cm, per 2 pcs.


Mot-09, pair of cotton Motifs (mirror-imaged), old, about 7 x 5 cm, per pair


Mot-10, Motif, cotton Swiss Guipure, vintage, white, 8 x 5 cm, per each


Tulle lace # 3-00-11, white, 43 mm wide, per meter


Tulle lace V6866 - 15 cm wide - off white - per meter


Tulle lace V6868 - 7 cm wide - off white, per Meter