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These are small sample pieces of wonderfully soft and lustrous silk faille made in the 1990s on an old weaving loom in Europe, using A1 silk for the weft and cobweb-thin silk for the warp thread. The small company produced high-end silks for designers and then sold the samplers.  Perfect for accents of doll costumes, fiber arts, cushions, patchwork, small dolls, dollhouses, appliqués etc. etc. They are small pieces and all have writing on the left-hand side (except where otherwise stated - see photos). The width is 70 cm throughout (except where otherwise stated). Most pieces are around 28-30 cm long. Most are separate pieces, some are together in PANELS. The price is € 10 per meter (the sum of the pieces). The pieces have not been ironed. Some may have the odd stain or discoloration. If you have bought color combos from me in the past, you will know these faille pieces.

All are one-only and there are no more!