BLENDING-Thread 200, Polyester, per Bobbin

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The available colors are marked in red on the color charts.


Finest "Camouflage" hand sewing thread - the cobweb size! Perfect for many uses: the Mini-Purses were mostly sewn with this thread.  Hand-sewn items appear to be stitched as if by magic, since the thread is barely visible, it is so thin, yet supple and strong. It will not cause press marks when ironed and can be ironed without any problems. Hand sewing is a cinch since the thread doesn't form curly knots - a property of many threads that can be most annoying. It can also be used for machine sewing, like seams or top-stitching braids and laces so you can barely see the stitching. Suitable for any fabrics, even fine silks! You might have to adjust the tension a bit, depending on the effect you want. Great thread for bead work that requires many passes in each bead. The thread passes even the smallest eye of a needle in a jiffy! If you want to thread a needle with a different thread and it won't fit (some do not even fit the needle threader, like our super fine needle # 12), pass this thread through first, knot the ends together, pass the desired thread through the loop and pull it through the eye of the needle. Use the same method to thread tiny seed beads onto purse silk. I tried it with our beads size 15/0 and knitting silk - it works like a charm! I am sure I haven't thought of all uses as yet. 

Made in Germany!