Issue 2/09

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Cover Page: Paul and his Jumping Jack, mechanical doll K&R 118a, reproduction by Gertrud Wallis
Projects: Mechanical Doll - Paul and his Jumping Jack - Making the Body, the Garments for Body size FGK-28, The Toy Box, The Jumping Jack - The Sisters - TR 807 (Belton Typ) - complete set of garments for body size FGK-23,5 cm - Angel Face A. Thuillier - complete set of garments for body size FGK-35,5 cm - Series "Knitting Corner" Two All-Bisque Cuties - French Fashion Poupée (FFP) - A New Passion - new French Fashion Poupeé Body FFP-9,5", Worksheet Smiling Bru, Photos Antique FFP, Faces and Garments
Patterns: for Mechanical Doll (Body FGK-28) - for The Sisters (Body FGK-23,5) - for A. Thuillier (Body FGK-34,5) - for Cover for Shoulderplate (Body FFP-9,5")