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Cover Page: Long Face Jumeau, Reproduction by Josef Sonnberger, Austria

Projects: Series “Knitting corner” - Sailor Boys and Girls (Trousers for Nancy’s Brother, Trousers and shirt for weet William, Underpants for the Girls, Shirt for Nancy’s Brother, Dresses with white skirt, Collar, Jackets, Hat for Nancy’s Brother) -  Madame Jumeau (The Doll, Wig, Underpants, Chemise, The Corset, Bustle Pad and Petticoat, The Buttoned Boots, The Gloves, The Skirt, The Jacket, The Vest, The Bustle Bow, The Cape, The Hat, The Parasol) Kaiser Baby K*R 100 (Worksheet, The Body, The Garments, Diaper Pants, Bonnet, Booties, Shirt) - Beaded Bags with Rose Motifs (Large Bag, Small Bag)

Patterns - The complete Outfit for Madame Jumeau (Body FGK 53) - The complete Outfit for Kaiser Baby K*R 100 (SB32)

Other - Reader’s Page - Doll Festival 2006 in Leipzig