Issue 1/06

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Cover Picture: Lady Doll by Léontine Rohmer, Paris, Reproduction by Luise Göbel-Aasehaug, Norway.

Projects: Bernadette is back- The Underwear(Chemise, Underpants, "Decency" Underpants, Corset, Combination Underpants, Petticoat, Corset, Combination Petticoat) - The Dresses (Princess-Style Dress with Plastron, Pleated Dress, Blue Party Dress) - The Hats(Round Hat, Capote with Feather, Lace Bonnet) - The Shoes (Black Boots, Two-Toned Boots, Lace-Up Boots) Metamorphosis of a Chest of Drawers - The Knitting Corner - Little Boy Blue The Flower Seller - Painting Instructions - The Leather Body - The Garments (The Underwear and Blouse, Skirt, Apron and Shoulder Scarf, The Sun Bonnet) - The Flower Stand - Riding the Cart to the Easter Parade - Instructions - Adele goes on a Journay

Patterns - for Bru Bernadette (Leather Body or FGK-18) the complete Set of Outfits - for Léontine Rohmer (Leather Body), Garments, Leather Body, Flower Stand – for Sonneberg Child (Body FGK-23,5), Garment, Cart – for Aunt Adele – Kestner XI (Body TB-31A) – Garment