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Cover Page: S&H 1358, Reproduction by Luise Goebel-Aasehaug und Piccolettes, Reproductions by Karin Buttigieg
Worksheets/Projects: Technique in Pictures, Part 3 (Painting Lashes) - K*R 114 - Love at first sight(Worksheet, The Hobby Horse, compl. Patterns) - The Doll House/Childhood Dreams, Part 5 (The Roof and Attic [Constructing the Roof, Making the Chimneys, Cutting the Windows Openings, Constructing the Corner Wall, Working the Roof Slant, Inserting the fake Door, Constructing the Fireplace Wall, Attaching the Ceiling Panel, How to make (almost) authentic Oil Paintings]) - The Knitting Corner - Delightful Knitwear (Dress for French Dolls) - JDK 103 -Mister Frost an his Way (Worksheet, Finishing the PapermachĂ© Body, The Wig, Underwear, Shirt, Trousers, Braces, Vest, Jacket with Fur Collar, The Belt, Fur Cap and Shoes) - S&H 1358 - The Sunflower Child (Worksheet, The Wig, Underwear, Dress, Bonnet, Shoes, complete Patterns) - Piccolettes - Fashions Galore (and the Story goes on..., Piccolette "Jeanne" Jumeau (Worksheet, The Garments [Pattern Set "Die Modenwelt # 2], The Under Skirt, Pinafore, Peasant-style Dress and Pleated Dress, Fur-trimmend Coat, The Cap and Party Dress for CĂ©cile).
Patterns - for K*R 114 (Body DGK-41) and Hobby Horse - Construction Plan for Roof and Attic - for Kestner 103 (Body FGK-48/FB-18") complete set of gasrments - for Piccolettes (Body FGK-20 and small Bru leather bodies) Party Dress, Winter Coat, Cape and Cap, and Bustle (Other patterns found in "Die Modenwelt #2 Pattern Set)