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Cover Page: Three little Bru Beauties with Chevrot Body. Reproductions by Karin Buttigieg. Worksheets/ProjectsCurtains up ... (Painting Instructions A17M, The Body, The Sleep Eyes, The Wig, The Underwear, The Clown Suit, The Cap, The Jacket, The Vest and Collar, The Trousers, The Plastron, The Lace Trim, The Stockings) - New Piccolettes: Three little Bru Beauties  (General Information, The Porcelain Pieces, Small Painting Guide, The Chevrot Leather Body, Tools, Pattern Information, Procedure, Assembling the Arms and Legs, Assembling the Shoulderplate, Head and Arms, Assembling the Doll- The Black Forrest Girl (Painting Worksheet S&H 1159, The Garments, The Skirt, the Apron, The Bodice, The Shoulder Cloth, The Cap, The "Bollen" Hat, The Shoes)
Patterns -for the Clown Doll A17M (Body DGK-60) - for the Chevrot Leather Body - for the Black Forest Girl, S&H 1159 (Body LY-43)