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Cover Page: AT, Tete Jumeau and Schmitt & Fills, Reproductionen by Karin Buttigieg Worksheets/ProjectsCarousel - Part 3 (Completing the Carousel[Bolloons, Hobby Horse, Socks, Covering the Carousel Base, Assembling the Platform]  - Christmas Tree Ornaments - Fortune Teller Doll (Worksheet, Leather Body, Paper Leaves, The Outfit, The Jacket, The Stand, Sayings of Fortune) - Candy  Container  (Worksheet, Procedure) - Outfit for the Small French Dolls (AT - beiges Outfit, Tete Jumeau - red Outfit, Schmitt & Fills - aqua Outfit, Hats for all Outfits, Stocking, Shoes)
Patterns -for the Fortune Teller (Leather Body about 29 cm), - Outfit for the Small French Dolls (Body FGK 20)