Issue 3/03

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Cover Page: Bru Brevete, Reproduction by Pat Allen and Patti Ashe, USA.
Worksheets/Projects: Bru Breveté - The Little Suitor (General, Worksheet, The Outfit [Underwear, Pants, The Tunic, Neckband, Slippers, Stockings, Straw Hat, Buttons, Bouquet]) - Childhood Dreams - Part 3 (Room Division and attaching, the Hinges, the Staircase, the Kitchen, the Lighting, the Floors/Wallpaper, the Bedroom) - The Ice Skater - Part 2 (The Outfit and Skates[Jacket and Skirt, Cap and Fur Pieces, Ice Skates]) - Carousel - Part 2 (Making the Dolls and Animals[Bru, AT, Steiner, A. Marque, E. J., Jumeau, Laughing Jumeau, S.F.B.J. Pouty, Mini Googly, Little Dot] - The Carousel Animals [Tiger, Spring Horse, Cavalry Horse, Classic Horse] - Doll on a Swing in a Music Box (Music box, JDK 185 Doll)
Patterns: -for Bru Breveté (Body FGK-34) -for E.J.8 Ice Skater (Leather body)