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Cover Page: Mechanical Petit et Dumontier »P.1 D.«, Reproduction by Karin Buttigieg
Worksheets/Projects Very British (S&H 1179) -Worksheet -The Body -Making the Wig Cap -The Hair Style -The Underwear and Stockings -The Coat Dress -The Cap -The Muff -The Buttoned Boots Bébé-Phonographe - Part 3 -The Outfit -The Underpants -The Underskirt -Dress-Chemise -Box and Record Sleeves The Magic Garden, Part 1 -General -Making and Painting the Porcelain Parts -Worksheet -Construction the Mechanical Body -The Wig Pattern Supplement -for Bébé Phonographe Jumeau 11 (Body FGK-40) -for S&H 1179 (Body DGK 60) IDG-Activities Last Chance Other KB’s Page