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 - German Version with English Tranlation Supplement on CD Rom

Cover Page: Simon & Halbig 719 - Reproduction by Vicky Strode and Charlotte Lindley Worksheets & Projects:
-A Marotte Doll on Stick -Macramé Beads covered with Glass Beads -The Simon & Halbig 1159 Doll Couple
-Knitting Instructions for Socks made from KB's Silk Yarn - Part 2 -Simon & Halbig 719 with embroidered Coat
-Petit & Dumontier P4D -The Hunter and Huntress
-Instruction for Jumeau Dress (Ju meau Chemise)
Technical Information -Artificial Silk, Acetate, Cellulose, Fabric, Viscose and Rayon - what actually are these
Cranford´s Corner: -The Drawers Patterns
-for Jumeau Dress (Underwear, Shoes, Stockings, Handbag and Parasol) -for the Drawers -for Marotte Doll on a Stick The Antique Doll -Lydia Richter: History of the German Bisque Head Dolls from 1840 - 1930, Part 1, Parian Dolls (or Porcelain Heads with Sculpted Hair)
Other -Profils: Inge Bockelmann (Germany)