Silk-COMBOS-the ribbon is free!


Exquisite silk jacquard fabrics with  matching fine plain silks and.... 

the matching ribbon is free!

If I don't have any of the ribbon shown in the photos left, I shall add another suitable pretty ribbon!


CBOR-001a, beige/red stripe


CBOR-001b, beige/red stripe


CBOR-003a, shades of salvia blue/green


CBOR-003b, shades of sage x silver grey


CBOR-009-12, shades of rose, stripes and dots


CBOR-010a, shades of grey-beige/black


CBOR-012a, shades of rose and dots


CBOR-018a, shades of rose


CBOR-020, shades of ecru and olive


CBOR-023a, shades of black/gold/burgundy/rust


CBOR-023b, shades of black, gold, burgundy, rust


CBOR-24a, shades of green


CBOR-025a, shades of green and red