JUST FABRIC - COMBOS - one-of-each only!


Just Fabrics - color-coordinated since it is almost impossible to gage colors correctly on the screen.

I have added small pieces of silk faille to a lot of the fabric combinations. These are small weaving samples, some with minor imperfections, that are wonderful as accents for a doll ensemble (cuffs, collar, hat, bag, bustle etc). The  glossy reflections of the ribbed texture of the faille adds another design dimension to your ensemble..

The measurements and fabric descriptions are always listed from the top fabric downwards, as seen in the photo. This avoids the constant "copy-and-paste" that nobody reads anyway.

When you see "cut-out" on the label in the photo, it means there is a small cut-out along the edge of the fabric which I have  always taken into consideration generously in the measurement and price.


CBO-03, Silk, Silver/Maroon


CBO-05, Silk, Burgundy/Black


CBO-06, Silk. Burgundy/Black


CBO-07, Silk, Burgundy/Black


CBO-09, Silk, Violet/Black


CBO-10, Silk, Rosé/Ecru/Black


CBO-17, Silk, Green/Lilac/Egg Yolk/Tangerine


CBO-18, Silk, Aqua/Gold


CBO-20, Silk, Green/Navy/White


CBO-42, Silk, Strong Pink/White


CBO-47, Silk, Black


CBO-51, Silk, Sage/Black/Taupe/Pale Peach