Kit for silk satin shoes(slippers with front strap and rosettes

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Kit for silk satin slippers or heeled shoes with rosettes and front-button strap


Instructions and patterns in GCP # 8!

Shoes are designed for the French fashion mannequin with leather body from the Gildebrief Century Project! Make your own using GCP # 1 for instructions.

Kit for silk satin slippers (or heeled shoes) with button-on front strap contains:

. Ready-cut, embroidered satin uppers, front tabs and rosettes - all shoes come with the button-on tabs plus embroidered eyelets in the straps - you can either ribbon to tie or the tab to button on.

. Thin leather for the  soles

. Cardboard for inner soles

. 6 buttons for straps and attaching rosettes

. Pair of unfinished heels (have to be painted with acrylic paints)