Kit GCP7-5, Kit for Dress-5 - GCP # 7

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Kit for Dress-5 from GCP # 7.


All kits are made to order and will take time! Allow at least 14 days for delivery. I work as fast as possible but aim to deliver top quality work.

Kit will now be made in a different fabric from the photo!

Kit for Dress-5 from GCP # 7

Items marked in red are not in the kit

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. 1 meter dress fabric , Note: unfortunately I was not able to receive the amount of this fabric that I ordered from the supplier. Therefore, the fabric once sold out (first come, first served basis) will be replaced with  SHC-015 cotton fabric

. 100 x 9 cm batiste (BWL-2080) for fake hem 30 x 30 cm fine batiste (BWL-2080) for bodice lining

. 2 meters silk cord – for gathering the flounce

. 30 cm x 7 mm silk ribbon natural whitebone casings.

. Small piece of pretty lace, tulle or similar – for the front tucker/insert

. 3 x 4 mm cable binders

. 7 black hooks

. Matching  # 100 silk thread – bodice and skirt gathers

Dress-5 from GCO # 7, made from fine cotton fabric