GCP # 5 - Mohair wigs- Instructions

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A PDF. file with the instructions will be forwarded to you for a download a little while after the order. It is not an automatic download. I shall send the PDF file to you and send an email.
These instructions are part of the GCP #5  pattern and instructions  set. They are also available separately. Do not buy them extra if you are already purchasing the GCP# 5 Patterns and Instructions!
If you are just getting the instructions, you will receive a PDF. file transmitted per WeTransfer. The shipping charge will be refunded should you have paid per Paypal, or not charged, if you per per credit card. An email will be sent to you from WeTransfer. That is a safe method.

Make your mohair wigs with this novel method - it is far easier than the conventional one! You need the materials below:

- 30 grams bundle of 20 cm long mohair,  – allow 2 – 3 weeks for delivery

- Curlers

- Hair mat – 6 x18 cm, for holding the mohair – essential!

- Hair clips + glass headed pins

- A holder for the “head” (foam ball) that is clamped to the table. For this doll in GCP # 5, a 6 cm diameter foam ball is suitable. You can secure the foam ball permanently to the holder with 2-part epoxy putty.

- Tarlatan,white and black (wig cap)

 - 3 mm silk ribbon (wig cap) - similar to hair color

- 1 Bonefolder

27mm wide fine crin tape, brown and beige (for the Apollo Knot)

Crin tubing, various sizes (2.8 mm, 6.5 mm and 10 mm) - for the curlers and some hairstyles

- Double-sided wig extension tapes

-  8 mm wide x 4 cm long wig extension tapes

- Carrier foil

- Ruler

- Blending-Thread200 matching the hair color.

- Long # 12 beadingneedle, short # 12 needle and # 7 needle