GCP # 10, Paper patterns plus Instructions on CD

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Fashions  for 1880 to 1889!

Outstanding and unusual ensembles!

This project GCP # 10 comprises the following garments:

A very limited number of kits are offered for all garments, except the combination chemise/underpants and the bustle/underskirt.

1- A lovely combination chemise and underpants. This is especially useful since you prevent extra bulk from 2 garments which was exactly the reason women favored the combination. They had tostruggle through countless undergarments to any reduction was welcome!

2 - A simple but effective bustle/underskirt with 3 flexible steel stays for the bustle part. It is constructed to open along the entire side front making it simple to put on your doll-mannequin.

3- An intricate formal gown for opera, theater and formal dinners. The model is from the famous "House of Worth". It is challenging to create but worth the effort. There are countless photos to help you along. I made it first in the green/black silk jacquard and then again in the orange/black silk taffet. I wanted to make sure the pattern was absoutely correct and everything worked out the way it was supposed to. Only the front flounces differ!

4. A lovely, airy and floaty summer promenade gown. Again, I made the same outfit using different materials. It is also somewhat challenging but a nuge number of photos will guide you along to success. This one I found on Pinterest with a tiny diagram of some of the patterns - and I mean minute diagram. It worked out beautifully and it is well worth the effort.

5. A glamorous black silk satin and velvet pelerine for the opera gown from the House of Worth. It is made from silk/cotton satin trimmed with narrow velvet ribbon and silk/rayon velvet (a wriggly fabric, but easy when you follow the instructions). The velvet/taffeta hood has a silk and bead tassel and a silk cord with silk tassels and beads is tied in the front .

6. A charming pelerine made from silk satin lined with matching silk taffeta, a velvet and taffeta hood with a silk and covered wooden bead tassel. The pelerine is  also trimmed with beige/red silk braid and old guipure lace motifs and it is tied at the front with silk cord and tassels.

7. Last but not least: a very simple bonnet in a fitting style for this era. All you need is some buckram, bonnet wire, silk satin, some flowers, ribbon and lace. This bonnet can be trimmed in many different ways, using a variety of materials!

I hope you will enjoy this latest Gildebrief Century Project # 10. We are nearing the revolution in women's clothing and this will be the last time you will see any bustles and voluminous draperies.

The next project GCP # 11 will be the final project in this long series!