Issue 4/10

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Cover Page: Four French Fashion Poupées Bru "Mme. Yvette", Reproduction by KB - in the center the antique "Mme. Yvette" Bru with Shoulderplate
Projects: Picnic with 6 Cousins and a Governess, Part 2  - Special features and instructions for the garments - Claire and Manon, Belt and Fichu for Mme. Huret, Blouse, Stole and Skirt for Babette, Tartan Skirt and Pelerine for Margot, Blouse, Skirt and Bertha for Louise, Coat Dress and Skirt for Madeleine - Madame Yvette - A French Fashion Poupée - the antique Bru, the Reproduction "Madame Yvette", the Porcelain, the Head,Casting the Shoulderplate , Firing Stilts for Shoulderplates, the Painting Worksheet, Assembling the Doll - Maiko-San Bru - Part 2 - The Kimono (Furisode) - Materials, Ironing Japanese Style, the Sleeves, the Colar, the Obi, the Underwear, Dressing zhe Furisode, the Doll - The Knitting Corner - Baby Boom! - Maesurements, Materials and Abbreviations, the Patterns, Panties, Jacket, Bonnet, Socks - Tudor Rose Needlekeep - In Stumpwork Embroidery - Materials, Stich Description, Starting the Embroidery, Padding and Stitching the Centre Shape,Completing the Tudor Rose Needlekeep, the Templates
Patterns - for Maiko-San Furisode (Body FGK-54) - for Picnic Ladies - the Ouitfits (Body FFP 9,5" - for Mme. Yvette Shoulderplate Cover and Lining for Body FFP-9.,5"
Other: UFDC Convention 2010 - Report