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Cover Page: SFBJ 251, Reproduction by Ursula Plocher, Germany Worksheets & Projects -China Doll with Linen Dress incl. Outfit -Cinderella of the 100 Series - The Kämmer & Reinhardt 118/A -Little Shepherdess - A mechanical doll -A Dutch Couple -*Sailor Ahoy - another Outfit for the E14J -Love at Second Sight - the SFBJ 251 incl. A colar in Irish crochet The Antique Doll -Rohmer, unmarket Lady Doll, Huret, FG Pattern Supplement
-for K*R 118/A, China-Doll, SFBJ 251 und E14J IDG-Aktivities -Invitation to Interdoll 2000 Other:
Dolls along the Way - The Chateau de la Poupée in Lyon