GCP # 11 - Kit for Pale Blue Bridesmaid dress with rose trim or embroidered trim

gcp11-blue bridesmaid
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Stunning bridesmaid ensembles from finest silk fabrics especially made for the Gildebrief.

Kits do NOT include the instructions which are given with the project GCP # 11. This has to be ordered separately!

Fabrics only available  for kits at this stage but will be offered for general sale end January to beginning February 2024.

A-Pale Blue Bridesmaid - with rose trim


1. - 50 x 150 cm blue silk taffeta, lining of skirt and bodice

2. - 35 x 150 cm, blue silk satin, skirt front and flounce and sleeves

3. - 30 x 115 cm patterned silk jacquard, side and back of skirt and bodice.

4. - 70 cm x  35 mm lace, (353-lb18), for sleeves

5. - About 1 meter 2 mm silk ribbon or strong thread (binding the silk chiffon puffed strip- - -

6. About 25  cm x 1 m ecru silk chiffon, torn along the selvedge of a 1 meter piece of silk chiffon - you will need to make 2 x 1 meter strip  for the puffed skirt trim, plus the belt.

7. - About 4 m x 12 mm pink silk ribbon (roses)

8. - About 2.5 m x 12 mm green silk ribbon (leaves – about 5 cm per leaf)

9. -  Medium buckram (roses)

10. - Thread: Bt-200 for invisible hand sewing, Sensa or other natural fiber thread for basting and machine sewing

(Sensa on a spool will be added to all kits but is not for sale in the online shop. You can find it in the Internet under “Sensa Green” by Madeira on 1000 m spools).

11. - 4 hooks, 5 snaps

12. – 25 cm x 15 mm cotton tape, waistband facing

13. - About 65 cm x 15 mm lace for neatening neckline and bodice hem.


B- Blue Bridesmaid with 4 lace panels AG048-mesa040

See numbers above!

Contains: 1., 2., 3., 4., 10., 11., 12., 13. plus:

1 m x 7 mm ecru silk ribbon

4 x lace panels

Note: the photos show the lace panels temporarily adhered to the outfit! They are not stitched on since I did not want to make a 2nd outfit. A very easy and lovely decoration!