SNFL-Sets, filligree snowflakes embroidered in off-white cotton # 80, 5 snowflakes per set, price per 1 set

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Gorgeous embroidered snowflakes made from finest, best quality off-white cotton #80 !  Here decorated with rose montees from the Gildebrief treasure chest.  Unusual, delightful, glitzy and sparkly or plain filligree snowflakes. A perfect gift for your loved ones!

All are about 8 cm diameter!

Christmas Decorations with a Difference!

These extraordinary snowflakes are embroidered with finest quality # 80 off-white cotton thread produced in Germany. The fine thread and slightly off-white color lend the snowflakes an old-world charm, reminiscent of the 19th century. Each lightly stiffened snowflake consists of between 12.000 to 15.000 stitches!

Do you prefer your Christmas decorations simple, leave them as they are and decorate the tree, wreath or just a simple pine tree branch with  plain glass baubles and these filigree, porcelain-like snowflakes. Or do you prefer some glitz and sparkle? Then decorate your snowflakes with vintage sparkly rose montees, Lochrosen and sew-on glass stones, as I did.

Click here for your own selection of rose montees.

For the beautiful, vintage Lochrosen (sequin-like real crystal sew-ons) and faceted glass sew-ons, click here!

Suitable jewelry glue is found here!

You will also need tweezers to grip the stones.Small coin tweezers with a gummed surface work well to grip the rhinestones securely. Fingers do not work well with these small items. I recommend the make "Leuchtturm" , which has been making stamp and coin collectors' tweezers for many decades. I believe you can get them on Amazon, even outside Germany -  the model MPI1, small coin tweezers. Others are good too, of course.

Have the desired stones ready and place the snowflake onto clean paper (not newspaper), apply glue to the center, stick on the stone and continue in outward rounds, cleaning the glue tube nozzle frequently with a soft cloth or paper towel. Finish one side, let dry about 4 hours on a warm heater, or overnight at room temperature. For double-sided decorations, finish first one side, let dry and then do the other side.

Decorating these snowflakes is like eating peanuts: you cannot stop at one!

I used the nearly invisible BT-200 thread for a hanger, so the snowflakes look as if they are suspended in the air.

I have hung several in my kitchen and twirl one when I pass. The incredible twinkle and sparkle brings a smile to your lips - promise! We need all the smiles we can get these days!

Keep some for yourself or give an unusual and precious gift to your loved ones which is worthy of being an heirloom.