Project in GCP # 8, Delicate wired flowers

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Most items you get in your craft store - but here is the list of materials. I do not offer any kit. I linked all materials I can offer for this project.

Delicate Wreath and Bouquet of pearly Wild Roses



Items available here are underlined - just click on the text!


. 4 mm and 6 mm diameter brass, copper or aluminum rods, or knitting needles of this size (forming the wire)

. 0.3 mm coated copper wire, rose gold (colored brass, silver, plain brass – try different ones)- flowers

. 0.26 mm fine wire - wrapping the wreath (silver)

. Paper-covered floral wire, light green (stiel-dr) – stems leaves

. 1 meter x 32 mm silk ribbon, green (S-18, or S-16 or S-08)

. White silk thread size 100 (B-100-3-114) – binding for wreath

. 1 meter x # 25 rayon-covered bonnet wire – basic wreath

. Flower centers 210b

. Stamens, with glass beads (stamens-glass)

. Nail varnish, pearlized, white, light pink, darker pink

. Nail varnish, blue (get various colors, if you like making these flowers)

. If you have glass paints, try those as well. Some work really beautifully, others don’t. They give a translucent look, like a stained-glass window.

. 1.5 mm pearls or beads – flower centers

. Foam board

. Awl

. Medium liner brush, artificial hair – painting the varnish

. Small brush (like a lip brush) – removing excess glue

. Small mixing containers (plastic shot glasses)

. Corn starch - calyx

. Green dye - (like liquid silk dye) - calyx

. Toothpicks

. 2 clamps (hemostats, small ones)- twisting wires

. Wire cutters

. Spray glue

. Jewelry glue

. White glue – wood glue (not Tacky glue)

. Hairspray Super-Hold

. Coloring pens (like Stabilo felt-tip pens, series 68, color 89)- coloring leaves

. Gold liner (like Maribu Metallic Liner, gold or a metallic felt-tip pen, gold) – leaves