Kit GCP7-2, Kit for Dress-2 - GCP # 7

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Kit for Dress-2 - with ready-embroidered and cut decorative panels - DOES NOT CONTAIN GCP # 7 PROJECT WITH PATTERNS

Bonnet from GCP # 5.

All kits are made to order and will take time! Allow at least 14-28 days for delivery. I work as fast as possible but aim to deliver top quality work.

Almost the same as Dress-1, but with embroidered self-fabric panels

 Kit for Dress-2 - GCP # 7

This dress is virtually the same as Dress-1 and was my "test dress". If you decide to make it, there is a choice of fabrics and I shall embroider those with a pleasing and matching contrast color and supply the constrast silk fabric for the bias.

. Embroidered panels of a choice of fabric, ready cut-scallops, the rest of the 1 meter fabric for the dress. Included also enough contrast silk for piping, depending of the choice of your fabric.

. 30 x 30 cm white cotton mousseline (bodice lining) plus a strip of  9 cm x 100 cm for the false hem of the skirt.

Silk cord  for piping  

. 6 black hooks

. Blending Thread 200, # 9 for invisible hand sewing

. Silk thread  or cotton thread - for the gathering rows of the skirt ( the correct color for the fabric of your choice will be supplied)

. Red thread – to mark center front, etc.

. 4 x 4 mm cable bindersfor the stays (boning) 


. 20 cm x 7 mm wide silk ribbon, natural white casing for boning