Kit GCP7-6, Kit for Dress-6 - GCP # 7

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Kit for Dress-6, silver grey silk satin 2-piece gown plus berthas.



All kits are made to order and will take time! Allow at least 14 days for delivery.

Kit for Dress-6, GCP # 7

Items not supplied in the kit are listed in red.

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.70 cm fabric 90 cm wide (silver grey silk satin)

. 50 cm x 15 mm wide silk ribbon natural white – waistband

. 120 cm silk cord or silk ribbon – lacing the bodice

. 30 cm x 10 mm Val-lace

. 60 cm matching 3 mm silk picot braid – STR-4034

. 90 cm x 11 cm Swiss cotton mousseline, white – false hem

. 30 x 30 cm Swiss cotton mousseline, white – bodice lining.

. 6 x 4 mm cable binders (stays/boning)

. Awl

. Silk thread for thread for stitching eyelets.

. A dab of white glue

 Lace collars here you can use those small bits of antique lace in your stash!

These collars are the easiest to make and look great if you use precious laces.

. About 45 cm x 5to 6 cm wide, whatever you have in your stash!

. Some extra 3 mm silk picot braid (from the sleeves)

. About 42-45 cm Val-lace (as used for short sleeves)

. Some old flowers

Dress-6, GCP # 7, purse from miniature purse frames, gloves from GCP # 3,